Thursday, July 5, 2007

What we missed

We never danced together; didn’t even get to pick out a song to call our own,
Wished we’d shared one moonlit night, rather than spending all that time on the phone,
Will never know how it feels to just walk hand in hand,with the waves flirting around our feet,
Come to think about it, I so wanted to cook and just watch you eat.

We won’t get to pick each other up after work,
And share our day, exchanging notes, on whose boss is the bigger jerk,
No lazy Sunday afternoons, lolling together on the couch,
Won’t ever, get to bandage your finger, when you go ouch.

We did not get to travel together to a foreign land,
Nor rode a bicycle for two over the soft yellow sand,
It would have been nice, had we ever kissed in the car,
Or just looked up and stupidly tried counting every star.

We never got to play a game of scrabble, strip poker and “truth or dare”,
You won’t ever get to bring me my towel, and I won’t ever get to perm your hair,
No Easter Sunday, Diwali, Christmas, or New Year for us,
It would have been awesome had we ever taken a ride on the tube or bus.

Let’s just hope, all that we abandoned our love for, is a big hit, Because all that we missed, makes me feel, everything else will never be worth it.

Feels like everything is a-miss,
Paul Dueman.


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