Friday, July 13, 2007

Moth to a flame.

You’re a voice, a dream, that happy thought I get up with each day,
That sweet melancholy that I go to bed with every night,
I know your mine, at least for ever; maybe you want it too, that way,
Just that your heart, accepts that I’m not right?

You’re that song that I incessantly hum, like a stuck record,
My smile that has no reason, and doesn’t need one to stay,
Everything that’s beautiful in my life, the perfect halo awed,
All of that you are my love, just that we won’t ever have it our way.

The cool morning breeze on my cheek, when I’m out for a run,
Like that last cigarette, that you never want to share at any cost,
That beautiful sunset, that gorgeous rising sun,
I hate the fact, but in the end I would have lost.

It’s like this crazy game of roulette that we are playing sitting on a shelf,
My turn to roll the dice, what were the odds that I’d beat even,
The chambers are all loaded, the players, I, me and myself,
Today is my day off, and I’ll always have a tomorrow for the grievin.

I know I'm nuts, but I ain't suicidal :)