Friday, June 29, 2007

The "other woman" wears my ring.

You’re not far away no more; you’re not close either,
Just a call away, but still the end of the line,
It’s like you’re there, oh you’re so there, wish I was,
But we aren’t, the “other woman”, wears my ring.

It’s like we were forever, it’s like we were never,
A lifetime lived in a moment, a moment to end a lifetime,
Had to be this way, we paved it to be,
Should have we? I guess, the “other woman”, wears my ring.

A possible dream, stark reality, both so right, both so wrong,
Never thought about it, did not have to,
A lie never felt so true, truth never lied better,
But hey, the “other woman”, wears my ring.

So yeah bridges burnt, we never needed them anyways,
The heart thinks nothing; the head feels no pain,
It’s better now? , we feel neutral, how?
Yeah I know, the “other woman”, wears my ring.

All the words, all the care, all the forevers, the entire dare,
They mean nothing now, did they ever?
Guess not, the “other woman”, wears my ring,
You know what?, that ring, it’s just a thing.

Yep, my work completely! :)

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